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Apron - Dachsies

A fun, fresh apron to brighten up you and your kitchen.

Cushion - Dachsies

A fun and quirky printed cushion to brighten up your home!

Hob Cover - Dachsies

This cute printed hob cover would brighten up any kitchen.

Picnic Blanket - Dachsies

This beautiful printed picnic blanket would brighten up anyones summer.

Peg Bag - Dachsies

This beautiful printed peg bag would brighten up any home and compliments the Dachsies range tea towel, oven mitts and apron wonderfully.

Double Oven Mitts - Dachsies

These quirky printed oven mitts would brighten up any kitchen.

Pot Grab - Dachsies

This cute printed pot grab would brighten up any kitchen.

Tea Towel - Dachsies

A fun, fresh tea towel to brighten up your kitchen.

Bag Holder Dachsies

This lovely printed bag holder features Milly Green's dachshund design and would brighten up any home.

Set of Two Roller Ball Pens - Dachsies

These fun and modern roller ball pens come in two colourful Dachsie designs. Lovely for everyday use.