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Mother's Day



Here  at ‘Milly Green’art is in our blood. We thought Mother’s Day was a perfect time to celebrate the generations of talent in our family. Is the love of design and paintingsomething inherited or do we transmit our passions to our loved ones? As it happens, we can count Constable among our ancestors, so we think we must have paint in the veins!


We thought it would be fun to share some of our art works with you. Drawing and painting is a thread that draws us together and we’re sure you’ll agree there are some interesting similarities in subject matter!

From m
ice to elephants (with rather a lot of dogs in between) we often draw our inspiration from the animal kingdom. Of course, with two dogs, two pigs, twoguinea pigs and a cat in our menagerie that’s probably small wonder! 

Milly is a prolific artist whose beautiful and characterful illustrations seem to come alive on the page (or apron or water bottle!). She never draws in the studio - her work is very much part of family life and she is most often to be found paintbrush in hand at the kitchen table, while spending timewith her girls, even in front of the odd Disney film!

Milly’s mother Rozanne is, like Milly, self taught. She encouraged Milly to pick up the paintbrush from an early age, and launched herself into her own artistic career once Milly left for University. Now she has a loyal following of clients for her animal portraits, recently a commission for the owner of no fewer than FIVE Dachshunds!


Tilly and Daisy have picked up the family baton (paintbrush!) and love to paint and draw. Here are some of Tilly’s masterpieces. We’re sure you’ll agree she has the makings of a grand master!

This Mothering Sunday why don’t you think about the things that link the women in your family? Is there a passion in your family which has been passed through the years? Baking, riding or music? A love of literature or architecture, even acrobatics or sky diving? Find something you love to do together and celebrate it!

We’d love to hear all about your wonderful Mummys and Grannys and even Great Grandmas! We’re always around to chat on Twitter @MillyGreenLtd. And most importantly: Don’t forget to get something fabulous for your Mum!  We have some beautiful gifts and as a special treat, just enter the code MOTHER10 at the checkout for 10% off your purchase.

Finally, a message from Milly to her mother : ‘Thank you for being such a brilliant mummy and wonderful granny. So incredibly supportive, talented, kind and generous - we love you. Happy Mother’s Day! Xxx’