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How to pack the perfect tuck box...

School’s out for summer! We hope you’re all having a wonderful time with your families and making the most of the glorious sunshine. However, September will be here before you can say ‘are you absolutely sure you didn’t have any holiday homework?’ If you have a child starting boarding in the new school year, chances are you have a to-do list as long as your arm. There are so many things to prepare both practically and, often, emotionally.


Whatever else you find on your kit list, one of the enduring classics of the boarding dormitory is the tuck box. Ours come in a tantalising array of patterns and bright colours and all can be personalised to really add a sense of individuality to your child’s dorm.

Our lead time for a personalised tuck box is up to three weeks (though often less) so makes sure you get your order in soon to get it in time for the start of term.


We have some great tips of what to pack in your children’s tuck boxes to make the first few nights as happy and as special as possible. While the tuck box is overarchingly a practical item for locking away your valuables, we think it’s a great idea to start a little tradition of popping in a few surprises to put a smile on their faces.


  • First things first, as a ‘tuck’ box there have to be a few foodie treats in there. It’s a lovely thing to pop something in that your child really enjoys - perhaps some chocolate biscuits or their favourite sweet. Passing around a pack of custard creams on that nervous first afternoon is a great ice breaker. Yes, we all need to look after our teeth, but a little treat at this milestone moment won’t tip the balance! A word of warning, ensure you don’t put in anything that will perish and smell bad if it’s discarded at the bottom of the box until the Christmas holidays.

  • Some notecards, envelopes and a book of stamps. Yes, we all have email and phones but it’s fantastic encourage the old tradition of letter writing. Letters from home stave away the pangs of homesickness in a far more tangible way than a text message.  

Curious Cats Notecards and Envelopes high res 03.03.17.jpg

  • If they have a tablet or music device, make sure they’ve packed their charger and ensure they know to keep valuables locked up when they’re out of the room. Leaving a gift card for new music or e-books would definitely put a smile on a nervous face.

  • Wrap up their favourite mug from home and throw in some hot chocolate sachets for them to share.

  • A new pencil case is a must for the new school year - make sure they have something big enough to carry all their arty supplies, but small enough for their school bag.


  • Think about your child’s special interests. For example, if they’re sporty, a new hockey ball or racquet binding would be a lovely thing to find, an arty child would love a new sketch book and pencil set.

  • Make up a photo album with proper photos mounted in it with pictures of fun family times, pets and happy memories. These are lovely for those homesick moments, of which there will hopefully be very few!

We're offering free tuck box personalisation (worth £12.50) when you order between 24th-30th July 2017 and quote 'MyTuckBox' at the checkout. 

Wishing you a wonderful summer and a great start to the Autumn term.


Milly x