Merry Little Christmas - Hob Cover

This 100% Cotton hob cover in the Christmas design ensures great protection against steam and grease. Perfect for transferring hot pots & pans to the dining table.
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Celebrating Britain - Tin of Fruit Travel Sweets

This delightful tin of mixed fruit boiled sweets is a perfect gift for family members and friends. They are great gifts to take to coffee mornings or add to a birthday present! This product is suitable for vegetarians. Produced in England for Milly Green Designs.

Set of Three Eggs Rollerball Pens

These fun and modern rollerball Eggs pens come in each of the three egg designs: Blue Eggs, Polka Eggs, and Green & Pink Eggs. Perfect for everyday use. They take standard Parker refills so you can continue to use your favourite Eggs design without the worry of it running out.

Flat Purse - Pink Green Egg

This smart purse is made from long lasting laminated cotton and features beautiful Pink Green Egg Design. A really handy sized purse for coins or other bits and bobs, fits well into handbags and coat pockets. Made in the UK.