Royal Ascot Tea Caddy

This celebratory tin tea caddy is a perfect gift for a family member or friend and contains 40 bags of English Breakfast tea. It is perfect paired with our Royal Ascot embossed tin of butterscotch and chocolate chip biscuits.

This year Milly Green has been lucky enough to design a new range of gift food for Ascot and the illustrious Royal Ascot. 

The characterful, illustrative design celebrates the long standing tradition of a day at the races.  Depicting horses, champagne, top hats, bunting and picnic hampers; this range acknowledges Royal Ascot as one our our greatest and most prestigious British events.

Also included in the Ascot and Royal Ascot ranges is an embossed tin of biscuits, a cylinder of shortbread, a sachet of fudge and three flavours of chocolate.

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